Your very own lawyer bot in the cloud

Automio's lawyer bot technology is designed to reduce the time lawyers spend on boring, repetitive, low value work. 

Sexual Harassment Policy Bot

Want a Sexual Harassment Policy for your business?

Use our Sexual Harassment Policy Bot for free.

Are you a lawyer who feels like this?
Let's change that. Free yourself with your own digital workforce of lawyer bots.
What is a lawyer bot?

 A lawyer bot is software that does automated tasks usually carried out by lawyers. Get your lawyer bot to interview your clients, give advice and create customised, error-free legal documents in an instant.

Focus on legal work you enjoy

Life is short. Get your lawyer bot to do the stuff you don't like.

Empower your clients

Let clients serve themselves in their own space and time, and on all devices.

Make money online

Sell your lawyer bot to other lawyers and sell legal documents in our marketplace.

Bot-ilicous features every lawyer needs in their life

Automation technology with time-saving tools to grow your firm.  Automio is always secure and reliable. Our customer success team gives awesome support.

Create Lawyer Bots

Create your very own digital workforce of as many lawyer bots as you want.

No Programming Skills Needed

Teach your own lawyer bot by drawing a Flow of the way they should behave.


There are so many different ways to use lawyer bots to make lawyer life easier.

Bot Builder Service

Not keen or too busy?  Automio’s Bot Building team can create bots for you.


Change interview questions, wording, clauses, and formatting with ease.


Put your lawyer bots on your firm's website to serve your clients.


Let new and existing clients serve themselves when and where it suits them.

Online Payments

Take online payments for doc and bot sales - no debtors means better cashflow.

VIP Client Libraries

Create libraries of secure, customised, automated legal documents for your VIP clients.

Did you know we, like, won an Award?

In 2017 we won an innovation award in the Janders Dean & LexisNexis Innovation Index for the APAC region.

Over 130 law firms and businesses love Automio

See how our customers are putting their lawyer bots to work.

Emma Stanley, director of Emma Stanley Law

"Using Automio lawyer bots to provide better service to our clients is about making things easier for ourselves and clients"

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