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Only Automio combines legal automation software with world-class training to drive your firm to 7 figures.

Free Guide: The Law Firm Automation Playbook

Discover 5 easy, practical ways to automate your repetitive legal work. So you can reduce stress, impress clients and make your law firm super efficient.

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Most lawyers struggle to get results from new technology. Don’t be one of them.

We drive entrepreneurial lawyers to success with our game-changing automation software AND world-class training - we teach you how to use automation to grow your firm’s revenue and work less. So you can have more freedom, money and impact in your lawyer life.

Help more clients in less time.

You became a lawyer to make a big impact on the world. Don’t let the daily grind rob you of your vision. Use your unique skills and passions to help the lives of many. And do it while working less.

“Thanks to Automio we’re now able to spend less time on document creation and more time getting excellent results for our clients.”

Belinda Pinnow, JHK Legal



Grow your firm’s revenue.

Leave your cashflow woes behind. Earn predictable revenue every month that isn’t tied to the number of hours you work. Scale your law firm’s revenue and profit, even while you sleep.

“The thing I love most about Automio is coming into work on a Monday and seeing how many clients have bought our online legal documents over the weekend.”

Rochelle Belworthy, Beach Law

Build a law firm that lets you live.

Design a strategic law firm to live life the way you choose. Stop the juggle. Do the work you love, for the clients you love, with the help of a team you love. Work from anywhere you want…. when you want.

“With Automio, we have found a technical partner with a shared vision of what the future of law could look like. By combining Automio with our world-class talent, we have brought legal support costs for many SMEs down by as much as 95%.”

Matt Glynn, Global Legal Solutions

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