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Automio is said "Or-Toe-Me-Oh".

We are fiercely committed to making quality legal help available to everyone, everywhere.
130+ subscribers
540+ users
10 crazy employees

To achieve our vision, we are on a mission to inspire lawyers to take massive action and use technology to build careers and businesses that serve their clients incredibly well, while supporting their ideal lifestyle and life’s purpose.

Our game-changing lawyer bot technology helps lawyers to automate their boring, repetitive work. For clients of lawyers, Automio's lawyer bots give them quality legal help anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Our customers are the go-getters of the legal sector. Their businesses and careers are purposeful, profitable and fun. We love working with entrepreneurial lawyers who value technology, listen to what their clients want, and are prepared to go the extra mile to use tech to better serve their clients.

Automio was founded in June 2017 in New Zealand. With over 130 law firms and businesses subscribing to Automio in over 5 different countries, we're super proud of our contribution to the legal community to date. In August 2017 we were stoked to win an innovation award in the Janders Dean LexisNexis Innovation Index which recognises legal innovation in the APAC region.

Our Team
Claudia King - CEO / Founder

Email: [email protected]    Mobile: +64 27 248 9007 

Claudia is fiercely committed to making quality legal help available to everyone, everywhere. Not capable of accepting the “this is the way we’ve always done it” attitude, Claudia is the Lady-Gaga of New Zealand's legal sector, challenging the norm and bringing fresh ideas to add efficiency and flair to a traditional profession.

Matt Sagen - COO / Head of Product

A self-confessed computer nerd, Matt is one of the few existing that are also able to communicate effectively in plain English, and, even with a real sense of humor. I know, what a catch!

Michael Mitchell - CTO

Mike is a Kiwi living in Sofia, Bulgaria where he leads Automio's development team. That’s the beauty of technology these days, isn’t it? As the lead software developer of Automio, Mike has been doing all sorts of tricky coding and writing complex algorithms so that you don’t have to.

Ian Frame - Chairman

Ian knows his stuff, and understands the balance between opportunity and risk. That’s why we keep him around. He’s been the big-wig of all kinds of small-medium sized enterprises over the last 40 years and has helped them grow into very successful larger businesses.

Zac Bingham - Business Development Manager

Zac wants to be able to go skiing on a Wednesday. And he wants his busy professional friends to come too. He’s been a corporate lawyer for the better part of a decade (in New Zealand and overseas) and he not only sees change a-coming, he wants to help drive it. 

Olivia Wensley - Customer Success Manager

Olivia has always been a self-professed computer nerd, and tech-lover. As an early adopter of legal technology when practising as a Lawyer, she has seen the huge benefits ($$$!) that can be gained as a result.

Teodor Garzdin

Teodor is a passionate software artisan. He has dedicated most of his life to learning as much as he can about his craft. Getting into computers at an early age, he knew that's what he wanted to do. He is a young and experienced professional with high aspirations, welcomes a challenge with open arms and persistently solves problems. 

Morgan Kane

Morgan never imagined herself working in a software startup but she loves it! It's been fab working in a fast paced environment, helping people learn how to use the software and learning all about legal tech herself. 

Michelle Moore

Michelle is thrilled to be part of a company that is changing the way lawyers approach the practice of law. With lawyer bots on the job, productivity need not be derailed by mundane, repetitive tasks! The fast paced start up environment is just the antidote after 10 years as a practicing lawyer and in this job Michelle still gets to be a legal nerd and exercise her attention to the finer details.

Janice Fieldes

A self confessed organiser at home, she brings the same attitude to Automio. Janice has an orderly approach but also has a passion for both the figures and the flows - looking after the books for Automio and creating automated documents.

Bec Middleton

Bec you'll find is always online and always active on social media. Luckily for her it's all part of the job!

Tim Darbyshire

Tim brings a fresh outlook to Automio, with experience in previous SaaS operations. He is passionate about all things software and thrilled to work in a quickly changing market! Always looking to understand every capability he gets excited by delivering true value.

Careers at Automio


We’re looking for smart, passionate, and adventurous people to join our team.


Our Security - Built From The Ground Up

Automio has been designed to keep the riff-raff out (even the really sneaky kind!) to protect your precious data. 

Our infrastructure is hosted on Google Web Services, just like many of the world's top brands, including Netflix, and government departments, such as the UK Ministry of Justice. We have several layers of security protecting our core services.

Every cloud based software has to allow access to its users in order to deliver value. We have built a tight "opt-in" permissions system that doesn't give even our own support staff access to your data: you must invite a support staff member into your Organisation, otherwise they can't see anything. Roles allow for even finer control over the permissions within your Organisation.

We enforce a minimum of 8 characters per password, but recommend that you make your password as long as you can tolerate. This gives you control over the convenience-to-security balance.

All clients are connected over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is an industry standard method of encrypting all the data sent between the user and the server. This means that even in the unlikely event that someone manages to intercept a request, it will not contain any meaningful information.

Where we have used JWT tokens (url-based authentication tokens that allow one-time actions to be permitted), we have used an aggressive expiration policy such that intercepted tokens are extremely unlikely to be usable.

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