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Automio is the intelligent lawyer bot platform that helps lawyers unlock more billable hours, reduce write-offs and win new clients. And gives clients better access to convenient and helpful legal services.


110 Law Firms
1,800+ lawyer bots in use
19,000+ documents created

Before creating Automio, Claudia King was a lawyer for 11 years. It was during that time where she saw the need to better help her clients with affordable and accessible services. She was also disillusioned with the amount of tedious and repetitive document creation that took her away from doing the work she loved.

This is what drove Claudia to develop a technology that would not only reduce the labour-intensive workload of lawyers and their staff, but to also create online access to law services for clients.

Now, Automio is leading the way helping lawyers and firms build sustainable, forward-thinking businesses that are poised to handle the changes coming their way. (And they are coming.) Instead of being held back in the past with an outdated business model.

Automio is fiercely committed to making quality legal help available to everyone, everywhere. We inspire lawyers to use technology that better serves their clients, while supporting their ideal lifestyle and life’s purpose.


Claudia King

CEO and Founder

e[email protected]    m: +64 27 248 9007 

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Matt Sagen

Head of Product

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Michael Mitchell


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Ian Frame


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Zac Bingham

Business Development Manager

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Olivia Wensley

Innovation and Growth Specialist

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Morgan Kane

Bot Building Manager

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Teodor Garzdin

Software Engineer


Michelle Moore

Bot Builder / Reviewer

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Janice Fieldes

Bot Builder / Accounts

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Bec Middleton

Social Media & Marketing Specialist

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Tim Darbyshire

Customer Success Manager

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Michael Mullins

Business Development Specialist

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Namrata Kathavate

Bot Builder

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Nikola Filchev

Software Engineer


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