How to Productise Your Legal Services to Work Less and Earn More

Carrying out legal services for clients takes time, and there are only so many hours in the day you can sell. That’s why law firms are hard to scale. Here’s some good news though: you can grow your law firm efficiently by productising your legal services.

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Case Study: Dawsons

Claire Endean joined Dawsons in 2012 and became a partner of the firm in 2017. Claire was searching for new ways to modernise and better serve their clients when she realised the potential in Automio to transform their practice. Find out how Dawsons increased their revenue by selling online legal solutions.

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7 Ways to Make Money From Your Legal Expertise in 2019

By investing your time wisely and looking beyond trading hours for dollars, you could be earning money with your legal expertise in ways that you haven’t thought about before. As a lawyer you can monetise your legal expertise in these 7 ways.

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How To Increase Your Law Firm’s Revenue Over Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you? For most lawyers (along with carols, client functions and frenzied online shopping to avoid the malls) Christmas means their law firm’s revenue takes a nose dive.  

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The One Reason You’re Not Building Your Kick-Ass Law Firm

I sent out an email the other day, inviting some savvy lawyers to take part in a course I’m running. Alongside all the folk registering, my inbox started filling up with replies from people telling me why they weren’t able to take part. 

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Stop leaving money on the table and start getting new clients for your law firm

Okay entrepreneurial lawyers, quick question… If I said I could give you a  steady stream of potential clients, pre-qualified and in need of the kind of legal expertise you specialise in, without you having to lift a finger day-to-day to keep the referrals coming in – who’d be keen? 

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Finish 2019 strong - top tips for lawyers who want to get shit done

It’s happened. The thing that strikes terror into the hearts of even the most organised lawyers every year. The Christmas displays are going up! The countdown is on.

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What Law Firms Of The Future Will Look Like

What the legal industry might look like in a decade depends very much on who’s telling the story.

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The Right Revenue Model For Your Law Firm

There are more than half a dozen ways you can make money from your legal expertise. Today I want to tell you why I reckon online legal solutions kick every other option’s ass! 

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Hire The Team Your Future Firm Needs & Grow Rapidly

If you hire creative, committed people to support your vision for your law firm and serve your clients alongside you, there's really no limit to what you can achieve. It's important to duplicate yourself in your firm, and having the right team is one of the keys to scaling your firm. 

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Seven Things Your Online Legal Solution MUST Do

Raise your hand if you want to do amazing work, in an area you love, have awesome clients who sing your praises, watch the zeros accumulate on your bank balance, and have time to enjoy life. If you answered yes to any of those (I said “hell yes” to all four) then creating a kick-ass Online Legal Solution is the way to make it happen.

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Perfectionism is a disease of the legal industry

 Perfectionism - so highly prized in traditional law firms - is one of the biggest enemies of the entrepreneurial lawyer. Left unchecked it will sabotage the most brilliant business plans, dooming you to failure before you even begin. 

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I’ve found your perfect law firm coach – me! 

I’ve got some super-exciting Automio news to share. As of right now, Automio is the first legal tech company IN. THE. WORLD! to be packaging our kick-ass software with the blueprint and coaching you need to create a seven figure law firm. 

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Why every lawyer should be a millionaire

Let’s get this straight – ambition, success and seven-figures are NOT dirty words. Quite the opposite. They are prerequisites for having the kind of world-changing impact that ultimately drives entrepreneurial lawyers like you. Yes we can measure success in an array of ways, but in this post I’m talking about how our ability to make a real, satisfying difference in this world is tied to the big bucks – basically why you NEED to be a millionaire. 

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3 steps to working ONLY with clients you love

One of the biggest gripes I hear from lawyers is that they are doing the wrong work for clients that just aren’t right for them, and it’s making them miserable. And it’s preventing them from scaling their law firms. The good news is, there’s a simple path to being able to work exclusively in your niche with your ideal clients.

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7 Ways For Lawyers To Measure Progress

How do you know if you’re going about your life and law firm the right way? By measuring your progress. Find out the 7 most important things to measure while you’re scaling your law firm.

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No wonder lawyers are stressed - here’s the REAL reason why

Can we talk about your hectic lawyer life for a sec? If you’re like most entrepreneurial lawyers I work with, chances are you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Truth is, if you’re feeling like you have no time to work on your ambitious law firm goals, it’s because your law firm is way too complicated.

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4 Ways To Make Time To Scale Your Law Firm

Scaling your law firm is about working hard once. This requires an upfront investment of time - you need to lay the right groundwork (systems). As your systems settle in you’ll benefit from them for years to come by having more money, impact and time for what matters most. Here are four ways to create time to scale your law firm.

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3 MUSTS for Entrepreneurial Lawyers

As an entrepreneurial lawyer, you're confronted with these two things. You know that to grow and scale your law firm you need to sell legal services online. You don't really know how to get started with this and you don't have time to find out. So, how do you reconcile this?

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Growing or scaling your law firm? What’s the difference?

Are you confused by the terms growing and scaling? These two words are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings.  With a deeper understanding you will see why scaling your law firm is better.

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Change These 3 Things On Your Law Firm’s Website To Get More Clients

I’m going to start with the good news: you don’t need to get a whole new website to turn your firm’s website into a new client machine. Now for the bad news: There’s a good chance your law firm’s website sucks. Here are the 3 simple things you need to change on your law firm’s website now to get more clients.

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Top 5 Challenges Ambitious Lawyers Face

I spend a lot of time talking to entrepreneurial lawyers, and I’ve started to notice key similarities about the challenges they face. Here are the five top challenges that entrepreneurial lawyers who are trying to grow their law firms are facing.

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6 Steps to Earning 6-Figures From Online Legal Solutions

Scaling your law firm isn’t just about having the right to-do list. If you want to earn six figures or more from online legal solutions in the next 12 months, there are habits, attitudes and mindsets you’ll need to change. 

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Scaling Law Firms By My 36th Birthday

Usually I talk about target clients, online legal solutions and branding when it comes to scaling your law firm. But today I’ve been reflecting on life. I’ve discovered something surprising - a number of the key strategies I use to scale my businesses as a lawyer and legal entrepreneur are not the usual business strategies you read about. So I want to share these five strategies with you.

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How Much Revenue Has Your Law Firm Made This Quarter?

The first quarter of 2019 - done and dusted. Just. Like. That. Try our quick, quarterly review bot. It will help you reflect on how your brand, business model and back-end have served your law firm. 

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3 Game-Changing Ways To Serve Clients Faster Online

Our new API is here. It lets you send the interview answers that your legal bot collects into other software or processes. Create, connect and evolve your firm so you can spend more time on what matters most. Here are 3 ways you can serve your clients faster online today.

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How to choose your ideal client to scale your law firm

Are you tired of taking any and every client that comes your way, even if you don’t want to? The way to solve this problem is to choose an ideal client and get to know him/her better.

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7 Productivity Tools for Ambitious Lawyers

Working in the world of law, whether you’re a lawyer that works in corporate, criminal, tax, or a completely different area of your expertise, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal in order to succeed within your field.

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How my firm went from 0 to 5 new clients a day with online legal solutions

In mid-2013 I was convinced I was a failure. I had launched NZ’s first online legal service, Legal Beagle, about 18 months before. We had a few clients come through the website after launch from the media buzz. But then nothing. Crickets. For over a year. Here’s how we turned it around and started bringing in 5 or more new clients a day.

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8 Updates That Will Make Your Legal Documents Beautiful

Create beautiful legal documents with our improved document creator (the bit that creates the Word document). Use more features from Word than ever before to ensure your documents look amazing for your clients. Here are 8 of the updates ready to make your documents look better.

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How To Pre-Launch Your Online Legal Solution

A pre-launch will help to provide validation that your online legal solution meets the needs of your clients. It will create buzz, attract early adopters, enable you to work out kinks, even make you money.   

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5 Reasons to Get Excited About Our New Interviewer

Automio users have been asking for a faster, more engaging and interactive interviewer. You wanted something that will delight your clients when they engage with you online. We have released our new interviewer as part of Automio's "Need For Speed" release. Here are 5 reasons to get excited about it.

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These Two Words Will Increase Your Law Firm’s Revenue More Than Anything Else

If you own a law firm, you need to be creating and leveraging intellectual property. Your intellectual property (IP) isn’t just trademarks and patents, it is all the stuff that enables you to help people AND makes you money.

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The #1 thing holding your law firm back from growth

You’ve probably seen entrepreneurial law firm owners enter the legal world and scale their firms and create an audience super fast. Why is that some law firm owners can do this, while most struggle?

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What is your law firm offering?

Do you look at the law firms that are crushing it in the online world and wonder how they’re doing it? It might look like these firms are growing fast because of their fancy websites, but the reality is there are a few key levers these firms are pulling to achieve that success. To be successful with selling online legal solutions, your firm needs to be pulling these key levers too.

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Video: Automio CEO & Founder Claudia King shares the story behind Automio

Recovering lawyer and tech entrepreneur Claudia King on the story of Automio and her vision for the future of the legal industry.

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Could Lawyers Be Replaced By Robots?

Guest blogger Demetrio Zema, Founder & Director of Law Squared, often finds himself pondering the question: Could lawyers be replaced by robots? In this blog Demetrio shares his opinion on the impact of automation, innovation and artificial intelligence on the legal industry and how the industry should respond to the developments.

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There’s a new iconic duo. Global Legal Solutions (GLS) and Automio.

Global Legal Solutions (GLS) is an international legal industry disrupter. The GLS team is committed to removing time and cost as barriers to any business globally seeking sustainable access to business enabling support. They’ve got offices in far flung corners of the globe, while Automio is based in New Zealand but with a global reach. Together they’re taking Automio global.

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Multi-language Bots with Automio

We have recently completed an exciting project for a client which involved creating a Will Bot in several languages - English, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Punjabi. This is a great way of demonstrating the flexibility of the Automio platform - and an excellent way of providing added-value services to international clients.

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Should Your Firm Create A Separate Brand To Sell Online Legal Services?

As more law firms start to sell legal services online, law firms are wondering whether they should create a separate online brand to sell those online services. Before Automio, I launched NZ’s first online legal service, Legal Beagle, in 2011. This was a separate brand to my law firm Dennis King Law. I’ve reflected on the pros and cons of operating two separate brands for legal services.

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Automio Makes Forbes List of Top Tech Startups

We are beyond excited to be featured by Forbes in their article 60 Women-Led Startups That Are Shaking Up Tech Around The Globe.

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Recovering lawyer, mum, and tech entrepreneur: Claudia King on the importance of finding your spirit animals in the law

Clarissa Rayward from the Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast and Claudia King, CEO and Founder of Automio, chat about all things legal innovation - from finding your spirit animals in the law, to the importance of having the freedom to be creative at work.

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How Law Firms Can Get Going With Intelligent Automation In Under 2 Weeks

When we’re out talking to lawyers about intelligent automation, one concern that often comes up is how long it takes to successfully implement it at a firm. Firms are so busy with everything else that implementing automation at their firm seems too ‘hard basket’. The good news is it doesn’t take long for law firms to get going with automation. 

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Innovative Law Firms Are Using Automation For These 4 Things

Innovation and the legal industry haven’t always gone hand in hand. Lawyers are good at identifying and minimising risk, while innovation is about taking risks and getting the rewards for doing so (if everything goes well, that is).

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Use Samples To Help Sell Legal Documents Online

Do your customers want a sneak-peek of your documents before purchase? You can help close sales by allowing a "preview" of your document.

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TABLES - One of the most-requested features is finally here!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of tables in our latest release - the “Majestic Zebra”. Tables, glorious tables, in all their splendidly formatted beauty. I never thought i’d be so excited about groups of linear pixel boxes, containing data. This new feature - it’s a game changer.

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30 Ways We Love Our Customers

We’ve spent the last few months focusing on a number of things that we call customer love. These are little enhancements (or not so little) that have been requested by our customers to make Automio better. Last week we released 30 of these enhancements in a large release we named “Majestic Zebra” (because it has our new “Stripe” payment system).

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The Friendly Faces of Customer Success

With Automio’s continuing expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand, we reckon it's time to introduce you to our super-friendly customer success team.

The fabulous frontliners who help solve your Automio queries are Olivia, Tim, Morgan, Namrata, and Michelle.

With so many of our customers wanting us to....

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First Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated Automio's first birthday last week at our HQ in New Plymouth, NZ. It was awesome to get everyone together, including our kids and partners.

I'm very future focused, which means I don't often stop to reflect on how far we've come and what we've achieved. So it was a great opportunity for the team and I to do this.

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How To Get The Law Firm Website You Really Want

In the course of helping our customers automate interviews and documents, we deal with many “flavours” of law firm website.  We say “flavours” because law firm websites are similar in many ways to ice cream shops. Some law firm websites are pretty vanilla, which is fine, as long as they are high quality.  Some have all the toppings, but cost top dollar. But price is only one consideration, and often not the most important one. 

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The Maths of Turning Your Legal Services Into Products

It’s 2018 but most lawyers still work like it’s 1999. They trade hours for dollars. The billable hours model has a lot to answer for, like cashflow instability, culture problems and clients who would rather get “legal advice” from random people on Facebook . Chronic busyness is another major problem caused by billable hours - lawyers feel like they have to do repetitive legal work manually to justify the fees they’re charging, instead of adding value.

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How To Choose What Legal Tech To Use At Your Firm

There’s a gaping hole between how lawyers deliver legal services and what clients want and need from their lawyers. I learned this in 2007 which was the year I became a lawyer, as well as being the year I first joined Facebook. Joining Facebook changed my life (sounds ridic, but it’s true). It sparked my interest in legal innovation and legal tech.

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How To Set Up A Client Advisory Board For Your Law Firm

What do your clients really think about you? And where do they want your law firm to take them? A common theme among innovative lawyers is they care deeply about better serving their clients and improving the client experience. They understand what their clients want from a lawyer. 

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Automio Turns 1!

We launched Automio a year ago with a vision to make quality legal help available to everyone, everywhere. In order to achieve this, we are on a mission to help lawyers innovate.

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Lawyer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hi, my name is Olivia, and I'm a recovering lawyer.  I have been a non-member of the bar for 732 days and counting.  I'm suffering from Lawyer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (LPTSD), which is an affliction common for those who have left the law - or those who have moved to an innovative firm, which doesn't practice in the “old law” way.

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The 4 Lamest Excuses Lawyers Give For Not Using Legaltech

I get rejected.  A lot.  I hear lots of excuses as to why law firms aren't interested in using our product, or really any type of legaltech for that matter.  But then sales and #startuplyf in general is all about remaining positive and staying true to product and strategy – i.e. the art of not giving up.  

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