Use Samples To Help Sell Legal Documents Online

Do your customers want a sneak-peek of your documents before purchase? You can help close sales by allowing a "preview" of your document.

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TABLES - One of the most-requested features is finally here!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of tables in our latest release - the “Majestic Zebra”. Tables, glorious tables, in all their splendidly formatted beauty. I never thought i’d be so excited about groups of linear pixel boxes, containing data. This new feature - it’s a game changer.

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30 Ways We Love Our Customers

We’ve spent the last few months focusing on a number of things that we call customer love. These are little enhancements (or not so little) that have been requested by our customers to make Automio better. Last week we released 30 of these enhancements in a large release we named “Majestic Zebra” (because it has our new “Stripe” payment system).

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The Friendly Faces of Customer Success

With Automio’s continuing expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand, we reckon it's time to introduce you to our super-friendly customer success team.

The fabulous frontliners who help solve your Automio queries are Olivia, Tim, Morgan, Namrata, and Michelle.

With so many of our customers wanting us to....

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First Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated Automio's first birthday last week at our HQ in New Plymouth, NZ. It was awesome to get everyone together, including our kids and partners.

I'm very future focused, which means I don't often stop to reflect on how far we've come and what we've achieved. So it was a great opportunity for the team and I to do this.

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How To Get The Law Firm Website You Really Want

In the course of helping our customers automate interviews and documents, we deal with many “flavours” of law firm website.  We say “flavours” because law firm websites are similar in many ways to ice cream shops. Some law firm websites are pretty vanilla, which is fine, as long as they are high quality.  Some have all the toppings, but cost top dollar. But price is only one consideration, and often not the most important one. 

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The Maths of Turning Your Legal Services Into Products

It’s 2018 but most lawyers still work like it’s 1999. They trade hours for dollars. The billable hours model has a lot to answer for, like cashflow instability, culture problems and clients who would rather get “legal advice” from random people on Facebook . Chronic busyness is another major problem caused by billable hours - lawyers feel like they have to do repetitive legal work manually to justify the fees they’re charging, instead of adding value.

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How To Choose What Legal Tech To Use At Your Firm

There’s a gaping hole between how lawyers deliver legal services and what clients want and need from their lawyers. I learned this in 2007 which was the year I became a lawyer, as well as being the year I first joined Facebook. Joining Facebook changed my life (sounds ridic, but it’s true). It sparked my interest in legal innovation and legal tech.

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How To Set Up A Client Advisory Board For Your Law Firm

What do your clients really think about you? And where do they want your law firm to take them? A common theme among innovative lawyers is they care deeply about better serving their clients and improving the client experience. They understand what their clients want from a lawyer. 

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Automio Turns 1!

We launched Automio a year ago with a vision to make quality legal help available to everyone, everywhere. In order to achieve this, we are on a mission to help lawyers innovate.

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Lawyer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hi, my name is Olivia, and I'm a recovering lawyer.  I have been a non-member of the bar for 732 days and counting.  I'm suffering from Lawyer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (LPTSD), which is an affliction common for those who have left the law - or those who have moved to an innovative firm, which doesn't practice in the “old law” way.

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The 4 Lamest Excuses Lawyers Give For Not Using Legaltech

I get rejected.  A lot.  I hear lots of excuses as to why law firms aren't interested in using our product, or really any type of legaltech for that matter.  But then sales and #startuplyf in general is all about remaining positive and staying true to product and strategy – i.e. the art of not giving up.  

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