The game-changing way to deliver legal services.

Empower your clients and create new revenue streams with online, self-service legal solutions.

Interactive Legal Bots

Interview clients and collect information using a legal bot on your firm's website.

Intelligent Document Automation

Easily create customised legal documents in an instant, no matter how complex.

Offer different service models

Give clients the option of different service tiers and subscription based legal services.

Sell legal documents online

Sell customised legal documents from your firm's website as one-off purchases.

Revenue Generator

Diversify your firm's revenue beyond billable hours. Sell online 24/7.

Create client portals

Build and maintain bespoke legal bot portals for your corporate clients.

Interview clients with legal bots

Save time by having a legal bot collect client information. Clients love that they can answer your questions anytime, anywhere and on any device.

  • Build your own legal bots - no programming skills needed

  • Embed on your firm’s website

  • No annoying chatbots that get it wrong

Automate your document creation

Automio can automate the entire document creation process without draining time and resources from your firm. So you can focus on building relationships and getting results.  

  • Documents of any length and level of complexity

  • Intuitive, visual automation tools - no programming skills needed

  • Customise with your firm's branding and themes


"A document that used to take us 20 - 30 minutes to prepare now takes 20 - 30 seconds with Automio.”

Daniel Johnston, JHK Legal

Create bespoke client portals

Give your corporate and VIP clients more time and budget to focus on adding strategic value to their business. Build and maintain private portals with legal bots that create your clients' bespoke contracts in seconds.

  • Partner with clients to drive efficiency

  • Offer legal technology consulting to your clients

  • Create more regular interaction with clients

Serve more clients, acquire new ones

With a legal bot, you can serve more clients without working more hours. Your services will also be more accessible to your cost-conscious clients who like to educate themselves and do things online.

  • Add more clients without adding to your workload

  • Easy new client acquisition

  • Re-engage with past and existing clients

  • Bring in more revenue

“Using digital marketing to promote our online legal solutions designed by Automio is a very effective and affordable way to re-engage with existing clients and acquire new clients for the firm.”

Rochelle Belworthy, Beach Law

Offer different service models

Create innovative ways for clients to access legal help by offering different legal services models.

  • Sell one-off documents online

  • Create different tiers of legal services and solutions

  • Offer subscription-based solutions to clients

  • Serve lower value clients more profitably

Create new revenue channels

Offer legal solutions on your website to clients. Sell your legal bots to other lawyers to use on their websites.  Create a self-service area or store on your website or sell in the Automio marketplace. 

  • End-to-end ecommerce for your firm

  • Creates more predictable revenue channels

  • Scales your business

  • Innovative business model for the firm of the future

“Automio has allowed us to offer a much needed online service for small businesses that can’t necessarily access more traditional legal services.”

Jessica Kinny, Kinny Legal

Modernise your law firm

Automio frees you from the tied-to-the-past costs and headaches that legacy systems, software and processes create. Move effortlessly into future opportunities without being held back.

  • Positions you as a thought-leader with more impact

  • Create your firm of the future
  • Works on all devices - work from anywhere
  • Cloud-based

Let clients serve themselves 24/7

Empower your clients to self-serve when and where it suits them, and on any device. They’ll be impressed and more likely to give referrals.

  • Convenient for your clients and your firm

  • Help clients and earn revenue even when you sleep

  • Increase referrals

 "Just a quick message to say - WOW! So easy. Quicker than making a phone call to even book a lawyer!!"

- From a client of Beach Law who bought a Will online

More features

Automio was created by lawyers for lawyers. Our features are designed for your specific needs, so you can build your version of the firm of the future.

Here's what else you can expect:

Legal bots

  • Bots on your website within hours
  • 40+ readymade legal bots
  • Build your own bots
  • No programming skills needed
  • Intuitive, visual bot editor
  • Multi-language
  • Integrate with your firm’s website
  • Legal bot building service

Document Automation

  • Instantly create legal documents
  • Handles complexity with ease
  • Customise with your branding 
  • Build and edit your automations
  • Use your firm’s precedents
  • 40+ automated documents
  • Word or PDF
  • Leverage your firm’s valuable IP

Automio platform

  • Cloud-based + works on all devices
  • API integration with other software
  • Data security with SSL encryption
  • Resell legal bots created by others
  • Take payments from clients 
  • Fully customisable, white-label
  • Brandable landing pages + stores
  • Participate in the Marketplace
  • Incredible customer support
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