Your time shouldn't be spent on the tedious

Automio frees you from the drain of repetitive legal tasks.

Document automation

Easily create customised legal documents


Access your documents no matter when or where


Convenient and accessible for clients

Revenue Generator

Diversify revenue beyond client work

Automate your legal document creation

Automio can automate the entire document creation process without draining time and resources from your firm. (This makes it easier for you to get home. On time.) 

  • No coding skill required

  • Eliminates human-errors

  • Customised for you

Interview clients with no additional staff time

Clients love that they can answer your questions on their own time, instead of going through the "what time is good for you?" hassle. 

  • Convenient for clients and your firm

  • Frees up staff time

  • Speeds up the process

Serve more clients and acquire new ones

With a legal assistant bot, you can serve more clients without working more hours. Your services will also be more accessible to clients who considered creating their own legal documents (and you know how that turns out).

  • Add more clients without adding to your workload

  • Bring in more revenue

  • Serve lower value clients

"Automio is much more than just ‘document’ automation software, it is ‘process’ automation software. I see its reach and possibly its greatest successes, outside simple document automation.

What makes Automio stand out from the other document automation software out there, is the ability for me (a lawyer with very little tech experience) to, essentially, write the back end code needed to create legal flows, doing away with the need to hire expensive software programmers. I don’t need to understand how it works, I just follow the simple steps and the software does the hard stuff for me. It’s so simple, it’s easy!"

Richard, Partner, New Zealand 

Create new revenue channels

You can sell your legal documents to clients. You can also sell your legal bot to other lawyers.  Create a store or self-service area on your website or sell in the Automio marketplace. 

  • Diversifies your revenue

  • Expands your business

  • Positions you as a thought-leader

Modernise your law firm

Automio frees you from the tied-to-the-past costs and headaches that legacy systems, software and processes create. Move effortlessly into future opportunities without being held back. (Because the world will change, even if you don't)

  • Cloud-based

  • Works on all devices

  • Sets you apart from more traditional firms 

"We are very different to other law firms in just about everything we do. Using Automio legal assistant bots to provide better service to our clients is about making things easier for ourselves and clients, and more efficient".

Emma Stanley, Director of Emma Stanley Law

What else does Automio offer?

Automio was created by lawyers for lawyers. Our features are designed for your specific needs, so you can do the work you're meant to do. Here's what else you can expect: 

  • Data security with SSL encryption 
  • Online payment acceptance
  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Reduction of repetitive tasks
  • Friendly support
  • Smart Technology
  • Bot builder service
  • Instant contract creation
  • Document automation
  • Website integration
  • Customised advice to your clients
  • Less drain on your time and energy
  • Innovative business model
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