Unlock more value in fixed fees and fee estimates.

Automio helps law firms thrive by reducing write-offs and unlocking profit in fixed fee legal work. With Automio, lawyers spend less time on the day-to-day work of drafting legal documents, and more time using their skills to get results and build relationships.

Free Guide: The Law Firm Automation Playbook

Discover 5 easy, practical ways to automate your repetitive legal work. So you can reduce stress, impress clients and make your law firm super efficient.

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It's 2018. You don't need to run your law firm like it's 1999.

Automio interviews your clients for you

No more back and forth hassle of booking a mutually convenient time to meet, and then spending an hour or more with a client in an interview. With a legal assistant bot, the entire interview process is automated. And your clients can do it when it's convenient for them, so it makes them happy too.

"Using Automio legal assistant bots to provide better service to our clients is about making things easier for ourselves and clients"

Emma Stanley, director of Emma Stanley Law


Create customised legal documents in seconds

Legal document creation ties up your team and your resources. Now you can automate separation agreements, shareholders’ agreements, wills or any other documents that are taking up hours of your time. And with a legal assistant bot there's no worries about human errors - not that we're saying you'd ever make one.

"A document that used to take us 20 - 30 minutes to prepare now takes 20 - 30 seconds with Automio's legal bot.’

Daniel Johnston, Senior Associate, JHK Legal

Build the law firm of your dreams

Do you have a project that's been sitting on the side of your desk that you'd love to work on? Or maybe an innovative idea that you want to execute on, but there's never enough time? Automio helps you automate the tasks that are robbing your resources, so you can save hours of your time to work on what you really want to.

“I leaped at the chance to be an early adopter of Automio. That is because I have never before seen an opportunity with quite so much potential to change the efficiency AND effectiveness of businesses."

Sarah, Early Adopter & Partner, Australia 

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