e-Commerce Terms & Conditions

Clarify the terms and conditions for using your e-Commerce platform.

by Law Squared

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What are e-Commerce Terms & Conditions?

Terms and conditions exist everywhere. You agree to terms and conditions when you buy a house and when you enter a car park. They control how we interact with the commercial realities of daily life. In fact they’re essential in making sure that, at least when it comes to buying and selling, everyone gets along. So it is vital that you have clear terms and conditions when you sell goods and services to your customers. 

On e-Commerce platforms, the Terms & Conditions set out considerations including the delivery and returns policies, how payments are processed, as well as informing customers and clients of what they can and can't do on your platform.

When do I need e-Commerce Terms & Conditions?

If you run a website, it is important that your Terms and Conditions are drafted in a way that fit it specifically. Copying and pasting another business’s terms will only land you in hot water. So you may as well get it right from the word go!  

Length of Interview

Approximately 5-8 minutes

Length of Document

Approximately 8 pages

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