Nolans - AML Data Collection - AML & FATCA Questionnaire (Company)

by Nolans Lawyers

Who Should Complete this Interview?

If the customer is a Company - this interview should be used. This interview collects information on any persons acting on behalf of the company, and any beneficial owners (which may include: shareholders, senior management, such as the CEO, and any other person with effective control, such as some directors). 


For the Customer:

This product will assist your lawyer to capture and retain centralised data about the Trust, which may assist in completing CDD requirements - it will assist the Trust identify the type of information needed to collect to fulfill its legislative obligations.

For the Lawyer

This product will assist you to capture and retain centralised data about your clients which may assist you in completing your customer due diligence requirements and your reporting obligations.

The purpose of this AML product is data collection. A report is generated from the data collected which sets out a summary of the data collected. ID and proof of address requirements are addressed in the report.

The AML/CFT Act requires customer due diligence to be conducted on all customers, beneficial owners of customers and any person acting on behalf of a customer.

Standard customer due diligence is the most common type of customer due diligence to be conducted and this interview will assist in collecting the information required to meet those obligations. It will identify the documents the customer is required to provide, and create a "checklist" of these documents.

Enhanced due diligence (EDD) is required in certain cases - this interview will assist in identifying some of the circumstances when EDD is appropriate. If you intend to verify identity through documents, it will identify the documents the customer is required to provide and produce a "checklist".

Disclaimer: please note that this is a tool designed to aid the capture of client data which assists with the client due diligence required under the AML/CFT Act. It is not a complete solution for CDD, verification is required. The end report addresses how this can be achieved.

This tool in itself does not discharge any obligation you may have to meet requirements under the AML/CFT Act or any other legislation, regulation or other rule. This is a tool for compliance only and does not constitute legal or other advice. The obligations to comply with CDD requirements remain with the relevant reporting entities.

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