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by Quentin Hix

Making Your Will

Your Will (a legal document) contains your instructions about what you want done with your estate (everything that you own) when you die and how dependants (spouse, civil union partner, de facto partner, children) will be looked after.

Who can use this Will

If you are a personal entity and wish to identity who you will leave your estate to.

If you have a family trust or own your own business, then you will need to contact us to organise your Will.

Do I need a Will

Everyone over 18 years of age needs a Will, even if you don’t think you own major assets, you can quite quickly build up possessions that can have monetary or sentimental value to you and to others.

Before getting started:

You will need to know who you want to appoint as your executor(s) and who you want to leave your property to.

Executor(s) – An executor is a responsible person(s) who will see that your wishes, as expressed in your Will, are carried out and who will administer your estate until it is properly distributed. 

Interview Time:

This interview should take you 10 to 15 minutes 

Document Type & Length

Word Document & Approximately 3-4 pages 

Completed Interview

When Your Will is complete a Word Document will be e-mailed to you and to the Quentin Hix Legal Team, who will review your Will (included in initial cost), contact you to discuss and or arrange a time which is convenient to you to have Your Will signed and witnessed correctly. The signed and witnessed Will may also be stored within our Quentin Hix Legal Deeds System for safe keeping (no cost).

Please note that the use of any of our online services or products from this site does not constitute legal advice. Please contact us if you require legal advice.  If you have any concerns about the document or would like further advice please contact us

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