Case Studies

Find out how Kiwilaw increased their revenue by $2000 per week.

"I found Automio around the time I realised I wanted to balance the demands of family law practice as well as niche down to meet a need and scale my law firm."

Cheryl Simes, Kiwilaw

Find out how Dawsons increased their revenue by selling online legal solutions.


“Since we started using Automio it’s been exciting - I love it when I’m sitting at my desk and I get a notification that we’ve sold another online legal solution from our website.”

Claire Endean, Dawsons

How Beach Law helps clients and earns revenue, even when their team is asleep

“The thing I love most about Automio is coming into work on a Monday and seeing how many clients have bought our online legal documents over the weekend.”

Rochelle Belworthy, Beach Law

How CODR Improves Access to Justice By Helping People Resolve Civil Disputes Online



"We've had really positive feedback from our clients using Automio. They really enjoy being able to pause the online interview process for the automated separation and relationship property agreements and come back to it, especially when there are complex relationship property assets in place and they need to get those details. Instead of having to run back and forth with a lawyer at a local firm, they can do that from their laptop at home."

Michael Heron QC and Anna Zam, CODR

How Deborah Vella Uses Automation to Grow Her Legal Practice

“For a long time, I had ideas on how to develop a legal practice that provided valuable legal solutions to Australian small businesses while allowing me to maintain an ideal work and family lifestyle.  It wasn’t until I began working with Automio that I was able to turn my ideas into reality. I’ve even found that with Automio’s wide range of features, I’ve been able to develop legal solutions that are even better than I’d originally envisaged.”

Deborah Vella, Principal, Support Legal

How Kinny Legal Gives Small Businesses Access To Interactive Legal Bots



"We use Automio to offer small business owners direct access to interactive tools, which they can use to build automatically-generated documents that are tailored to their business and immediately available for download. This is our way of offering continual support to small business, from startup to maturity."

Jessica Kinny, Principal, Kinny Legal

How Emma Stanley Law Uses a Legal Assistant Bot To Sell Legal Documents Online


"We are very different to other law firms in just about everything we do. Using Automio lawyer bots to provide better service to our clients is about making things easier for ourselves and clients and more efficient."

Emma Stanley, Director, Emma Stanley Law

How JHK Legal Prepares Legal Documents in 30 Seconds Instead of 30 Minutes


"A document that used to take us 20 - 30 minutes to prepare now takes 20 - 30 seconds with Automio's lawyer bots".

Daniel Johnston, Associate Director, JHK Legal

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