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Kinny Legal

Lead magnets and advice bots

Jessica Kinny is a business-savvy lawyer in Sydney who uses online marketing strategies to attract new clients. Jessica uses Automio bots as lead magnets - she asks her potential clients a series of questions about their business, and uses her Automio bots to give advice on the types of documents needed. Jessica uses Automio to attract potential clients to her website and improve her Google organic search ranking.

 "We use Automio to offer small business owners direct access to interactive tools, which they can use to build automatically-generated documents that are tailored to their business and immediately available for download. This is our way of offering continual support to small business, from start up to maturity."

Jessica Kinny, Principal, Kinny Legal (Sydney)

Emma Stanley Law

Using Automio lawyer bots for better client service

Emma Stanley Law takes a fresh and modern approach to the practice of law.  Based in Invercargill, New Zealand, Emma recognised that with Automio her team can automate the lower value tasks they do for clients so they can spend more time on adding value and being trusted advisers. 

As well as using lawyer bots to speed up document creation, Emma Stanley has set up an online store and sells legal documents directly to clients. Clients love this new service, and Emma Stanley Law is enjoying being a step ahead of their competitors.  


"We are very different to other law firms in just about everything we do. Using Automio lawyer bots to provide better service to our clients is about making things easier for ourselves and clients and more efficient".

Emma Stanley, Director of Emma Stanley Law



JHK Legal

 Speeding up document creation and removing bottlenecks

JHK Legal is an innovative Australian law firm with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. JHK Legal use Automio lawyer bots to speed up document creation and remove bottlenecks caused by document review.

With document preparation time reduced to seconds, the JHK team can focus on the legal work they enjoy doing, like getting excellent results for their clients.


"A document that used to take us 20 - 30 minutes to prepare now takes 20 - 30 seconds with Automio's lawyer bots".

Daniel Johnston, Senior Associate, JHK Legal

See Automio In Action

Michael Heron QC

See how Michael Heron QC is using Automio to provide clients the ability to purchase customised Relationship Property Agreements online. Click HERE to go to the CODR website.

Emma Stanley Law

Emma Stanley has created an online store - selling documents directly to her clients. See Emma's site HERE.

Kinny Legal

Jessica Kinny offers a selection of business legal documents for her clients to purchase.

Her website also features a "lead magnet" called Business 101 - What to Get in Writing - an interactive quiz which provides preliminary advice. Click HERE to see Kinny Legal's website.


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“I leaped at the chance to be an early adopter of Automio. That is because I have never before seen an opportunity with quite so much potential to change the efficiency AND effectiveness of businesses."

Sarah, Early Adopter & Partner, Australia

"Automio is much more than just ‘document’ automation software, it is ‘process’ automation software. I see its reach and possibly its greatest successes, outside simple document automation.

What makes Automio stand out from the other document automation software out there, is the ability for me (a lawyer with very little tech experience) to, essentially, write the back end code needed to create legal flows, doing away with the need to hire expensive software programmers. I don’t need to understand how it works, I just follow the simple steps and the software does the hard stuff for me. It’s so simple, it’s easy!"

Richard, Lawyer, New Zealand

“The support is fabulous. I have found the team to be very helpful and surprisingly proactive. This early phase of Automio's evolution means that any questions I have are dealt with super-fast. Clearly some of the suggestions that I have made have already been incorporated into the product or its development plan. It's pretty cool to think that early adopters can influence the design and feel of the product to suit their exact needs.”

James, Early Adopter, New Zealand

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